Book Cover Dead on time

After being made redundant from MI5 Thornton King is trying to make ends meet.

With the aid of Miss Holly Day, and under the watchful eye of Princess Spitskaya, he enters the glamorous world of fashion, as Rear Admirals, Drug Barons, Arms Dealers, Film Stars all come to a sticky end in this romp of a comedy thriller.

The only link Thornton has to go on is the fact that all the men before they died were last seen in the presence of a beautiful girl, but each eyewitness testifies differently; that it was a blonde, brunette or raven haired girl. Is it the same girl or is there more than one strikingly beautiful murderer on the loose?

Thornton & Holly finally track down the killers to a modelling school, a cover for a school of assassins run by the Princess, where the student’s end of term graduation depends on their ability to do the job. But not all the students have taken their final exams!

Who will be the last to graduate? Will Holly make the grade? Is it for Thornton to hand out the diplomas?

Murder, mystery and mayhem wrapped up in beautiful but lethal packages take you on a roller coaster of a ride until the final chapter when all is revealed!

The perfect model for a murder!

Available in Paperback.

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