Book Cover The Journeys we make

Rhoda Romayne accompanied by her two young Daughters is making the journey of a life time, escaping post war Britain and the forthcoming Olympic games for the sunshine and splendour of the South African coast.

Determined to catch up with old friends she uses Charlotte, her younger daughter to date Anthony, the son of an old flame, and one that she dreams of rekindling.

But, everyone else is on a journey too, Charlotte would like to marry well and this journey for her will decide her future. For Jane the elder daughter, it’s a journey of discovery and love. For Anthony it’s a journey for the truth about his father’s past.

Each with their own reasons for travelling along life’s highways all come together at a crossroads where anything can happen. Each with a set of choices, each set on their own course of discovery, but one has to come to a dead end...

Available in Hardback.

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